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SatSure makes a Strategic Investment in Astrogate Labs


SatSure makes a Strategic Investment in Astrogate Labs

Bengaluru, 1st August 2023 - SatSure, a pioneering global leader in the Earth Observation (EO) space data application industry, is delighted to unveil its latest strategic move with an equity investment in Astrogate Labs. This partnership marks a pivotal step in bolstering SatSure's subsidiary, KaleidEO, in the upstream sector, by harnessing the capabilities of Astrogate's laser communications system, Astro-Link, with an impressive satellite-to-ground communications speed of 1 Gbps.

The collaboration with Astrogate Labs will unlock potential for KaleidEO's upcoming mission, featuring a fleet of four optical microsatellites with a swath of 65 km and near-meter ground resolution. Astrogate's solution in data transfer will enable seamless and high-speed communication between the satellite fleet and the ground station. Astrogate's terminal will be integrated with KaleidEO's optical payload in its upcoming mission to further enhance the efficiency and performance of the mission. The integration will help KaleidEO

  • Higher bandwidth: Laser communication can provide much higher bandwidth than traditional radio frequency transmission. This means that more data can be transferred between satellites and ground stations in a shorter amount of time.
  • Secure: Laser communication is more secure than traditional radio frequency transmission. This is because it is difficult to jam or snoop a laser signal.
  • Long-distance: Laser communication systems can be easily scaled for long distance communications. Compared to radio frequency systems, laser comm terminals and ground stations are much more compact.

Regarding this strategic investment, Prateep Basu, CEO of SatSure, said, “We have always focused on innovation at SatSure, whether through our products or channels to enable them. Having developed various application suites across sectors ranging from agriculture to aviation. Now, venturing upstream with our fleet of microsatellites through KaleidEO, we will cover the entire EO data value chain. Our investment in Astrogate Labs aims to improve the utilisation of the massive amount of data that we will be generating from our satellites by debottlenecking the downlink of it to the Earth.”

On the same note, Nitish Singh, Founder and CEO of Astrogate Labs, said. “It is a great validation for us that an end-user like SatSure has cemented their belief in the technology we are building through a strategic investment. This also helps push the boundaries for our product roadmap. We will further expand our offerings to microsatellites while validating a space-to-ground laser communication link with a demo mission.”

About SatSure

SatSure is a globally acclaimed Earth Observation space data application leader. Leveraging cutting-edge technology and innovation, SatSure empowers diverse sectors with accurate, data-driven insights to make informed decisions. With a steadfast commitment to sustainability and global impact, SatSure continues to push the boundaries of EO data application, transforming industries and driving positive change worldwide.

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About Astrogate Labs

Astrogate Labs is a space technology company developing laser communication solutions for small satellites. The company's mission is to "enable high-speed and secure communications for smallsats," and believes that their laser communication solutions will revolutionize how we communicate with satellites.