Build scalable applications for AgTech and ClimateTech with SatSure Sparta

Get integrated insights from analytical ready satellite remote sensing data products accessible through APIs and applications. Identify your data needs, find relevant products, and save time analyzing the information.

What is SatSure Sparta?

Making remote sensing data accessible and applicable.

  • A Data Product Platform
    A platform that hosts analytical ready data products derived from satellite imagery, machine learning and big data analytics to offer actionable insights and decision making support across industries. 
  • Low code APIs and Tools
    Build customized solutions by utilizing low code APIs, SDKs and tools that are equipped with pre built components and templates for rapid developments.
  • Tailored and customer centric solutions fit
    Our customer-centric approach helps tailor a solution fit for each client's unique needs, delivering value and driving success for them.

Diverse Data Products
For All Your Needs

Continuous monitoring capability of vegetation and environment for historical and near real time. 

Build for Scale


Crops identified across the globe

1 million+

Square kilometers monitored every week

Use Cases at a Glance

Realize your full potential through with innovative solutions for your challenging problems.

Case Studies
Explore how our solutions helped customers overcome unique challenges and achieve success.

Our other product offerings

Personalized solutions that cater to your business's specific needs and goals.

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