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KaleidEO Successfully Completes Aerial Testing of its EO Payload

“We are thrilled with the success of this initial test. With this milestone, KaleidEO has become one of the very few companies that is capable of developing EO payloads and imaging technologies. The successful test has given our team the confidence for our 4-satellite fleet mission slated in 2026.”

Akash Yalgach, Co-founder and Chief Technology Officer at KaleidEO

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The key to intelligent decision-making is reliable and timely information and we have that KEY. Opening the doors to unparalleled, actionable, and location-specific intelligence across sectors for our clients.

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At the heart of our business lies joint problem solving with our clients, using our technology expertise and their industry experience aligned with their goals.

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We extract valuable insights by extracting changes, identifying patterns and integrating multi-source data for facilitating the right decisions.

Software and Data Infrastucture

We build softwares and data infrastructures to generate the true value of our insights for our clients, through seamless integration across the organization and at scale.

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